Accidental Death Benefit Coverage
If you commute to work, use public transportation, travel for business, or have teenaged drivers, Protector AD accidental death coverage is an inexpensive addition to your existing policies.  Suitable for occupations such as municipal police and firefighters, commercial window washers, and long-haul truckers, Protector AD gives you another way to provide for those you love.

Protector AD is an accidental death benefit rider that doubles over 20 years which is attached to a small whole life plan.  Premiums are ​level and guaranteed for 20 years, followed by guaranteed increasing annual premiums. And, there’s a return-of-premium feature which, at the end of the 20-year period, allows for a refund of the annual premiums paid, and coverage terminates.

With only one non-health question on the application, Protector AD may be the easiest way to provide an added layer of insurance protection for your loved ones.

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