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ManhattanLife offers a variety of term life insurance products that focus on the “family market.” Whether your need is Family Protection or Mortgage Protection, Family Life can provide coverage on dad, mom and children in the same policy. 

ManhattanLife offers simplified issue level term life insurance for amounts up to and including $250,000 … and for higher face amounts on a fully underwritten basis.  Our most popular plan is called “Viva Life” which is a 20 year simplified issue term life plan for ages 18-55 (15 years for ages 56-60) for amounts up to and including $250,000.  There are three product options, Viva Life Professional for young adult who needs basic life insurance coverage, Viva Life Family for middle income families who need life insurance coverage on dad, mom and children and Viva Living Benefits for the middle age client who needs life insurance coverage and is also concerned about a critical illness ( heart attack, stroke, etc.)  in the future.  The application is quick and easy to complete with only 4 health related questions … no medical exam is required.  Family Life also accepts clients that do not have a Social Security Number, but they must have an ITIN ( Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

ManhattanLife’s term insurance products are available on a simplified issue basis for face amounts up to and including $250,000 and on a fully underwritten basis for higher amounts of coverage.  For fully underwritten plans, both standard and preferred rates are available.

Simplified Issue Plans
Viva Life – Professional
  •  20 year level term ages 18-55  
  •  15 year level term for issue ages 56-60
  •  Accidental Death Protection
Viva Life – Family
  •  20 year level term ages 18-55  
  •  15 year level term ages 56-60
  •  Spouse – Additional Insured / Children’s Insurance Benefit
  •  Accidental Death Protection
Viva Living Benefit
  •  20 year level term ages 18-55
    (15 year level term ages 56-60)
  •  First Occurrence Critical Illness Benefit
Mortgage Protection Insurance
MCI Gold
  •  15-20-25-30 year level term 
  •  Variety of Riders Available
Family Protection EZ
  •  15-20-25-30 year level term
  •  Variety of Riders Available


Fully Underwritten Plans
Family Protection Select
  •  10-15-20-25-30 level term
  •  Standard and Preferred underwriting classes
  •  Variety of Riders Available

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