Provider Whole Life
Provider is permanent insurance for every stage of life, whether newlyweds, a young adult, building a family, or active seniors.  It’s also a great starter policy for your children or grandchildren.  Provider has a protection element (the death benefit) and a growth element (the cash value).  And each comes with guarantees:

  • A death benefit guaranteed never to go down.
  • Premiums guaranteed never to go up.
  • Cash value that grows over time, so long as premiums are paid.

In addition, a “preferred” rating with lower premiums may be available for those who qualify.  Provider policies for individuals aged 18-80 come with no-cost riders and benefits including: Terminal Illness Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, and for face amounts $25,000 and above, Common Carrier Accidental Death Benefit Rider, Life-Threatening Cancer Accelerated Benefit Rider, and Charitable Gift Donation.   And, Provider Whole Life is underwritten on a simplified basis – no medical exams, bodily fluids testing1, or pages of health questions.

Coverage for Juveniles
Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, Provider Whole Life ​gives the children in your life permanent insurance coverage in a cost-effective way.  Lock in low rates for their lives and protect​ their future insurability.  Included on the juvenile policies is a no-cost Guaranteed Insurability Benefit Rider2.   Policies for juveniles ​may also include the riders and benefits referenced above.

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