Term Life Insurance

Straight term life insurance provides a defined amount of coverage for a defined premium amount for a defined period of time, such as a “term” of 20 years.  At the end of the “term”, premiums will increase annually until the policy ends (usually age 95).  Return-of-premium (ROP) term insurance has the same features as straight term with the added flexibility of a built-in “return-of-premium” feature which provides, if all premiums have been paid, for a refund of annual premiums* at the end of the level term period.  Coverage terminates if premiums are refunded.  ​Any outstanding policy loan will reduce this amount.  Our simplified term portfolio includes: 

  • ​Simple Term 20
  • ​Simple Term 30
  • Simple Term 20 ROP
  • Simple Term 20 DLX

​We’ve designed our term plans to provide affordable life insurance protection as simply as possible.  ​Our products could be ​your solution for insuring a specific need, such as an outstanding mortgage or student loan debt.  ​Simple Term 20 ROP can also provide protection to your age 95 by using the surrender value to purchase reduced paid-up ​insurance.

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